coconut cream pie (shared with my mom) and coffee at a place in McKinney, TX.  The Kitchen?  The Pantry?  Dang, I can’t remember.  Let’s Google, then.  Here it is!!  The Pantry, yes!



boots and cowboy boot slides (I NEED to have both kinds, but don’t have the money.  I may go back to work just so I can have some of those boots.) from this store in Mc Kinney, which is owned and operated by my mom’s best friend from childhood.  While we were there, my mom bought me three pair of pants (NICE pants, dry clean pants, not jeans pants) and a very cute top to go with, and earrings (two pair, one was a present from Ms. CJ herself) and my grandmother bought me the cutest ever shirt that I will photograph later when I have the camera. 





a few "out the window while driving" (nearly off the road) shots on the road between my grandmothers’ houses



Here I tried to photograph this picture that hangs in my grandmother’s house.  That’s my mom and me about 35 years ago.

And now I have to run and clean up the living room carpet.  You see, Sophie thought it would be fun to stomp on some cheese crackers and when I told her she had to clean it up, she decided to use a dozen dishtowels and three quarters of a bottle of orange-based spray cleaner.  After she totally soaked the carpet and crackers, she covered the whole area with the towels.  And walked on them!  I think it’s all dry enough to vacuum now, so we are going to go do that. 

5 thoughts on “pictures

  1. Dixie

    Sophie, Sophie, Sophie! She just won’t do!

    Great pictures. I’m not sure what I’m drooling over more – those pink boots or that coconut cream pie.

    Love that picture of you and your mama.

  2. TitanKT

    Jen, that picture of the road takes my breath away. Would you please email it to me? I’d love to have it, that kind of thing reminds me of all the possibilities in life. The road less traveled and all…

    I’d sure appreciate it.

  3. still life

    mmmmmmmm I love that top right photo of the trees barren,
    you can just feel the movement.
    I also love the picture of you with your mother. The two of you should take a nother picture stylized as close as possible to the one when you were a baby.

  4. mamadaisy

    that picture is absolutely stunning. please please please scan it now and keep it safe before it deteriorates. it is a precious heirloom and a beautiful piece of art.


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