setting a fine example

Sophie came to me crying because, she said, Nate twisted her arm.  "I need some of your beer to make me better!" she wailed. 

"MY WHAT?"  I said.  "MY BEER????" 

"Yeah," she said, "I’m cryin’ for beer."

6 thoughts on “setting a fine example

  1. Sarah

    One of my boyfriend’s daughters is also a Sophie. When you described your suspicion of yours being the egg and mayo mastermind, and now the cryin’ for attention (and more), I am thinking there’s something in that name. 😉

  2. jess

    Oh you crack me up! With all the eggs gone, i think the girls made the logical leap to mayo – or perhaps they’re fighting some nit like behaviour.

  3. Jenny

    i begged my dad for beer at a family wedding when I was 7. He said he would let me drink it as long as i drank the entire amount he poured. I drank the glass (probably about a cup and half) and was sick to my stomach for days.

    My mom was pissed off but I didn’t TOUCH beer again until I was in college… not even ONCE during all the high school parties i went to!


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