raccoon in the backyard

raccoon in the backyard
Originally uploaded by Jen and John.

Here it is! You can make out the tail toward the bottom of the photo. He stayed up there all day, which irked the crows beyond belief. In less than a month, all my children will be out of school, and I’ll be babysitting two other children full time. Until today, I was planning to hide in the raccoon’s spot with something shiny to bribe the crows to stay quiet. But today the girls and I headed out the door to take Sophie to school and I realized as the lock clicked that my keys were inside.

I’m thinking that if climbing in the window (it’s probably six or seven feet off the ground) nearly did me in, I won’t be hiding out in that tall pine tree. Not this summer, anyway.

4 thoughts on “raccoon in the backyard

  1. Eve

    I did the same thing with keys a few weeks ago. I hate that feeling the instant you realize what you did.

  2. capello

    Is there another small tree in your yard, perhaps? Or some bushes you can hide under? Be sure it’s well shaded to keep the vodka at a reasonable temperature as well…


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