there’s this list that I saw while checking my hotmail account called "12 Things To Do Before You Have a Baby."  Or something like that.  It bugged me, but then again, every.last.thing. is bugging me today.  I especially take issue with this:

Remember, the cash you spend on all of those Saturday night dinners
(splurges) could probably end up paying for diapers and formula.

How about suggesting breastfeeding?

Anyway, here’s my (real life!) list:

  1. Think that you want to maybe get pregnant.
  2. Make appointment to get IUD removed.
  3. Show up to appointment pregnant.
  4. Listen to OB say,"Wow!  None of my patients has EVER conceived with an IUD before!"

That list also says it’ll cost one million dollars to raise my four kids.  I didn’t want to know that.  And the last thing on the list should read, "Give up on the idea of ever being this organized and prepared.  EVER AGAIN."

10 thoughts on “So

  1. capello

    Whoa. How’d you ever get pregnant on an IUD.

    And, yeah, those stats scare me. And people are crazy — you don’t listen to anyone about anything when you want to have a baby, and even after then little bugger appears. And then, when someone you know wants to have a baby and you try to talk to them about it, they don’t listen to you and then that drives you crazy too.

  2. Marsha

    That list is a bunch of crap. I also get annoyed by public service announcement which tell teens how horrid it would be to get pregnant so they should never have sex.

    If it cost $250,000 to raise a kid, that should be how much dead beat dads are required to pay.

  3. Suebob

    My mom (5 kids) always said that “no one can ever afford to have a baby.” But you do. Crazy how it works out.

    I read the other day that 50 percent of all pregnancies are still unplanned. That blows me away.

  4. Jenijen

    Yes, I thought about the cloth diapers but was too lazy to go back and add that. But, then again, cloth isn’t that much cheaper than disposable; just a million times nicer.

    I still cannot believe that I washed my own diapers when Willow was an infant. How did I do that??

  5. elayne

    “I still cannot believe that I washed my own diapers when Willow was an infant.”

    You were in diapers when Willow was an infant? ! Don’t believe I’da shared that…

    *ducking and running*
    *and giggling*


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