rock n roll high school

Over the weekend I got to go out to a nightclub with this sign on the wall:


It’s funny how being jammed into a totally oversold club and having beer sloshed on my feet can have the effect of making me feel like I can breathe again.  I suppose it’s the magic mix of having no one to be responsible for (except myself, which apparently I forgot about if the way I felt when I woke up is anything to go by) and doing something that I used to do when I wasn’t anyone’s mom.

It’s not that I’m wanting to go back and be twenty-three again (well, maybe a teeny bit sometimes, but it’s strictly for the body), but I do find myself wishing that I’d done a better job of being twenty-three when I was there.  And it is this, this very feeling, that causes parents to lecture kids about choices and planning and thinking things through.  The longer I parent; the more of those moments I have where I relate so completely to my own parents, the more I realize that so many things can’t be taught.  Some stuff you just have to go through to learn.  At least, that is true for me. 

On Sunday Willow and I went to visit with Gwendomama, Supergirl, and Bubbles (who is in need of a new name).  We had a nice, low-key afternoon, that passed too quickly while we talked and I ate all the food in the whole house.  (It was good.  I was powerless.)   We were sent home with some fantastic little wooden toys and what was left of the excellent pumpkin bread, which, uh, didn’t make it home.  Again, I was powerless, and Willow helped some.

And now, I must get my non-stage diving ass to the school to pick up the kids. 

3 thoughts on “rock n roll high school

  1. mamadaisy

    good for you! it’s so great to forget you are a mom for just a little while.

    a few months ago my husband and i left the kids with g-ma and went to a show in orlando to see Tribe Called Quest with Q-Tip. we drank a bottle of champagne first at the hotel, and then spent two hours jumping up and down in the pit with a packed crowd. it was absolutely incredible, and it made me feel young again. (like i’m so old to begin with.)

  2. Jamie

    glad you got a chance to relax ! The thirties are becomeing such a time for reflection for me , mixed with a tinge of sheer panic and I am watching my kids grow..
    Its a bitch to see your daughter grow into the body you still wish you had..hahaha …its also a bitch to hear your hubby tell your son , the same thing he himself would complain that his dad was telling him..


    I want to go clubbing….lol


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