Rocks belong in the water

Ingowanringoakmeadow_002On Saturday my mom took the three big kids to see a movie (Ice Age 2), and I sent John and Willow to the park.  I wanted to be alone with my robitussin with codeine get a few things done around the house ALONE.  I had a fine time fixing the toilet, cleaning the oven, mopping with my lovely new mop (dude, it has a built in scrub brush!!), and cleaning the kitchen with the help of this great stuff that I finally decided to just shell out for and some pointy toothpicks.   When Sophie came back, she and I got a soapy tub of water and cleaned the five pair of rain boots that had been left outside for a month, or several, because they were too muddy to come in the house.  She originally came out to help me wearing nothing at all, but since it wasn’t warm and she’s getting a bit long in the tooth for the constant nudity, I sent her back in to get dressed.  She came back in denim shorts, a boy’s teeshirt and pink and silver sparkly cowboy boots.   It’s hard to explain, but stuff like that is why I like being around kids so much.   That and the fact that they laugh at all my jokes. 

I renewed our Boomerang subscription this week.   I really enjoy listening to it with the boys.  Plus, it makes me look good at parent-teacher conferences when my kids have this unusual knowledge of history and know about people like Anges DeMille, John Brown and Edwin Hubble.  (Jess, I could send you a sample if you want to check it out.)  I love that it’s made by kids, for kids, but still expresses some fairly strong and anti-current-government opinions. 

I took the van to the car wash yesterday while all the car seats were out.  I may never let the kids in it again. 

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  1. marian

    What flavor of the great stuff do you recommend? I could use something that would make me want to clean. It’s too early here for spring cleaning but I won’t be able to avoid it much longer.


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