I have loooooved Ayun Halliday since way back when I only had a toddler and a baby and I would lay on the mattress bed on the floor nursing one or two kids while reading the East Village Inky by the dim light coming from the hallway. 

And, now?  Dude, I’m like her PR girl!!  Well, by way of my lurvely friend Mary.  Still, I feel healthier. 

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  1. Mary

    I’m glad you feel better! Cute shirt, too. Thanks for pointing out the Dirty Sugar Cookies blog. It’s really funny and sassy. I like!

  2. marian

    And a lovely shower curtain, too! So glad you are ambulatory and breathing. May the trend continue!

    That quote about finishing the graveyard shift with 15 minutes to spare before you start your other job in the coal mines. perfect.


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