Dunce_003  I am really sick.  Nasty cough, no energy, low grade fever.  I’m putting all my chips on bronchitis, though with all the sweating I’m doing and this headache that’s left me wondering who dropped a brick on my head, maybe it’s good old pneumonia.  Either way, I’m griping. 

But, I was cheered up by today’s mail which brought my Sweetney shirt.  I’ve had my eye on this little number for some time, and that tax refund seemed like a good excuse to spend a little bit on myownself.  Best of all, the shirt is q u a l i t y and not some iron-on transfer thing like I was fearing.  Here’s a closer look:


I took five kids (including Sophie) to Soph’s doctor appt this afternoon and our fellow patients looked at me like I was an alien.  They kids were really good in the waiting area, too.  I wish that I’d had my camera, because in the exam room was a beautiful antique cabinet with a baby scale mounted on top that made me miss my M.D. Grandfather who passed away last December.  He probably used something very similar in his practice at some point.  I’ll sneak a photo next time. 

Sophie is taking amoxicillin for her ear infection, the boys are FINALLY mostly better, and Willow seems okay; though last night she did cry that her ear hurt. 

I think that since all this typing has worn me out I will go get in the tub with the girls.  Then I’m downing some nyquil cough medicine and letting someone else get up with the kids tonight. 

3 thoughts on “sick

  1. Kris

    You are a brave woman taking all of those kids to the docs. Brave, and so skilled and capable.

    I am just starting with my 2nd bout of whatever the hell is going around. I shook the first round off about a week ago and now I’m right back at it.

  2. capello

    Now I’m sick too — sore throat, low grade fever. Nice.

    I got it from either you or my kids.

    (And no, it doesn’t matter that you live half way across the country.)


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