Ted’s deeply unhip mix

Sophie is snoring next to me (we’re in my bed) and I am wearing headphones so I can listen to music and watch the last six minutes of Six Feet Under on You Tube.  My bed started to shake a little, and for a moment I thought it was another earthquake.  I took off my headphones to listen for that rumble, but just heard Sophie and saw that she was moving around a little. 

I guess I’m still a little skittish. 

I was in the 1989 earthquake.  I was in a teensy little pantry at the restaurant where I worked doing a wine inventory.  I was lucky to escape before everything came crashing down.  Running in an earthquake is not wise, and I fell onto the black and white tile floor, which was curiously rippling.  Tables fell over.  Permanent bulges were left behind in the tile. 

I’m looking forward to Sunday.  I’m going to go to the Farmer’s Market for veggies and more rosemary olive oil and then I’m going to make soup and try to bake some gluten free bread.  Smells good already.

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