The person who expanded daylight saving time can stick it where the sun don’t shine*

*another place where the sun don't shine would be my house at 7 a.m., when I'm trying to get my kids up for school and they're all STEP OFF, LADY, IT'S STILL NIGHTTIME!

(And that person?  George W. Bush.)

When I did finally get the girls to the van (Nate just walked to school earlier, totally disgusted that we were late again), it was covered in ice.  I took that as another in the long string of omens that we were not supposed to be out there yet.  But, haha, my neighbor (I am holding a grudge about something.  A totally warranted grudge.) was out there in the harsh conditions with her ice scraper, upping her visibility, while I just turned on the heater and defroster and windshield wipers because I don't have an ice scraper AND I WON.  She wasn't even back in her car when we drove away.  That was a sweet victory, and I decided to celebrate it again an hour later (at the real 8:13 a.m.) but by then I was on the freeway and I forgot because I am so damn tired from getting up too early.

After I got off the freeway, a police car passed me in the lane on my left.  And the license plate frame on his black and white cruiser said F O L S O M across the top.  And something else about Folsom at the bottom, so I flipped the iPod to Johnny Cash

Had to take Lex to the doctor this afternoon, because he was trying to get something out of a tree yesterday (awwww, I just remembered when he was little and said, "lasterday") and instead he got something in his eye.  We flushed it out last night with saline, but when he woke up today he was all, I am in no condition to go to school.  And, that was 100% true, but I sent him anyway.  His appointment was at 3:15, they saw him at 4, and by 4:15, the doctor had removed the little tree thing (it looked like a sesame seed husk, if they even have one) from the inside of his upper eyelid and had put some orange numbing stain stuff in his eye and we were checking it out with the UV bulb.  It was super creepy, to tell the truth, but thank maude he didn't get a scratched cornea.  I think he's fine; he came home and watched videos on Hulu for a looooong time.  To be fair, I should disclose that he also rode his bike and did homework.

After supper, the girls and one of their friends and I walked over to the store.  It's the store that we get to by taking a short cut.  The short cut goes behind the store, and there is some ventilation pipe thing that is way down low near the ground that the kids have been yelling into for the past seven years.  Today Sophie bent down, put her mouth up to the pipe, and yelled,  Have you seen [damnit, I forgot what she said] No!  You have NOT!  Because he's all in the ninteenth century these days! Ha ha ha, whoooooooo.  I had to laugh.  She's so weird.  I love that about her.

I better get to bed, because thanks to George W Bush, 5:30 comes way fucking early these days.  Whooooooo. 

10 thoughts on “The person who expanded daylight saving time can stick it where the sun don’t shine*

  1. Viellefemme

    Oh, and that thing Sophie said? Totally hilarious! She is unique in every way. And, ask her who she named, will you, I’m dying to know!

  2. d.

    Sorry dude, I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. I am LOVING that it’s not pitch black when I leave work at 5:00.

  3. jenijen

    Viellefemme ~ I will ask. I can’t believe I forgot.

    d.~ It WASN’T pitch black here at 5, though! The sun was going down a little after 6. Still, it’s good to hear from you đŸ™‚

  4. rr

    That is so what i have been thinking myself!

    You never said how the littlest one’s birthday party went. Hope it was stress free for Mom and fun for the 5 year old!


  5. Caloden

    Even a week later it still sucks. I would have made a better attempt to deal with it, but anything associated with George W. brings out the bitch in me.

  6. patois

    Every freakin’ time they change the time, I have to move my “smart clock” to Denver in order to keep it smart for the few weeks. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you but, whatever.


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