the novel thing

I was serious about the March novel writing thing.  I wish I could make the page all pretty for you, but apparently when I was choosing who I wanted to be in this life I said, "Make me an awesome baker; someone who can totally juggle two! lemons at once; let me be undeniably talented at pogo stick jumping and loud whistling."  And then, something must have happened to distract me and I didn’t get to the part where I KNOW I wanted to ask if I could have stretchy arms like the mom in The Incredibles and be an able and awesome webmistress. 

Anyhoo, if you are interested in writing a novel in March, sign up!  There won’t be many rules and your only prize will be what you create, but at least you’ll be able to say, "Novel?  Yeah, I wrote one of those once." 

3 thoughts on “the novel thing

  1. Mary Tsao

    I’m still recovering from November’s novel writing shenanigans, but you’re right; March is (in general) a much better month for me to write a novel than November with all of its holiday craziness.

    I’ll think about it…


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