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Stupidly busy here with ear infections and fevers and whatnot, but finally found two seconds to wave “hello.”

It IS delurking week, so pretty please leave me a comment.

24 thoughts on “*waves*

  1. Alpha

    I’ve been lurking lately, no comments since I’ve been so busy. Thanks for the flower. Up here in Eugene I got to have my very first SNOW DAY yesterday!

  2. longlibrarian

    Another delurker. Here’s what hooked my into your blog – Willow’s name. My daughter also has a tree-name: Rowan. (I stay for the stories of life with many kids – building my courage.)

  3. ann adams

    Delurking to complain about the weather. Don’t know what you have but we’ve been sitting in the low 20’s early morning. No snow yet though.

    Thanks for your delurking comment today. I know what you mean – I’m way behind on reading lately. Blame stupid Blogger. It either won’t let me in or won’t let me comment and I get tired of tapping my fingers so I’ve been reading from the feeds instead.


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