There’s a new (garbage) man in town

I feel like such a nerd to be so very excited that we are getting a new! garbage! company! early next year.  Seriously, I’m so happy about it that I’m feeling a little sad over how long I’ll have to wait. 

Not that there is anything wrong, really, with the current service, but the new folks are going to let us have ONE CONTAINER for recycling instead of the current three.  And, they are going to give us new, pretty trash receptacles and take away the old stuff (to recycle, natch).  No more sorting!  Awesome!

I can just imagine my teenaged self seeing this little burst of sunshine in my future, and how she’d roll her eyes over it.  It does make me feel a little, uh, mature, to get such a thrill over household stuff, but whatever. 

I already have arthritis, I may as well embrace the fact that I’m not a kid anymore.   Here’s some old photos of Willow, just for.

Wiljuly036 Wiljuly03



(they don’t look so great because they are scanned in.  remember film??  it’s that old stuff.)

2 thoughts on “There’s a new (garbage) man in town

  1. mamadaisy

    i realized how old i was the other day when i became very excited about my new dust mop and how well it works. yes, it’s time for me to get out a bit more!

    willow is a doll.


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