Using my own bad parenting to excuse my own bad parenting

Me to Nate:  Hmmmm.  Maybe the Tooth Fairy didn’t come last night because you didn’t take a bath before bedtime.

I’m awful, I know. 

Sophie has a nasty cold, but is bent on going to school anyway.  Even though I gave her a dose of Sudafed, her nose is all green and percolating.  I’m sure they’ll send her straight back home. 

Right now, she’s sitting on the floor next to me, cutting out the stick figure she drew on a piece of printer paper.  He’s a fragile, thin little thing, sure to break her heart when he loses a limb. 

Did I mention that I think I have arthritis in my neck?  Not. Happy.  Off to take more advil.  More old photos:



7 thoughts on “Using my own bad parenting to excuse my own bad parenting

  1. Michelle

    Yea, we’ve used “The Tooth Fairy was off work this weekend” excuse or my personal favorite, “Oh! Look! The Tooth Fairy got confused and left it under your brother’s pillow by mistake.” I have a terrible time remember to do the duty and forget 80% of the time.

  2. Eve

    No no no, not arthritis…first, find someone who does neuromuscular therapy (aka NMT)…let them do some work. Or craniosacral therapy.

    BTW, your parenting cracks me up!

  3. marian

    In your neck? Ow. Ditto Eve up there, or even massage. Not that you have the time. Or the extra cash, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

    Been missing you. You seem so busy and overloaded! I hope you’re okay. And I think it’s very cool that Sophie wants to go to school.

    And there’s the old screamer herself! Love that photo!

  4. kyran

    Oh, I remember the idealistic days when I was going to be above invoking the patron saints of childhood to bend my children to my will. I believe I was still pregnant.

    Today I will use whatever leverage I can get. If that means making a heavy out of the tooth fairy and a jekyll and hyde out of Santa, so be it.

    I need all the muscle I can muster.


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