trainyard graffiti


I’m pretty sure this is Sophie’s lovely work, though she hasn’t confessed.

I’ve been sitting here for an hour.  Type, type, type. . . delete, delete, delete.

So, I made a new banner from a photo I took at the wedding.  The wedding was gorgeous and sweet.  I’m a little emotional about it all because they live far away and I’m not adjusted to that fact yet.  Plus, my dad was here and getting to see him for a few days in a row and then having him go back home makes me all sad. 

The kids amazed me: they sat right up where the ceremony was, on some wooden steps.  Willow especially surprised me by sitting totally still, clutching her bouquet of tulips, crossing her little legs.  I think that Lex got a little teary when they said their vows. 


That’s them watching Staci and her parents walking down the aisle.   

The weather was perfect and the mariachi band was awesome and the food totally incredible. 



Even the moon cooperated.


They’re going to spend their honeymoon in my favorite city, Barcelona.

And sometime after they’re back, I’m going to sneak up there by myself for a weekend so I can see all their pictures and hear all about it.   

9 thoughts on “trainyard graffiti

  1. mamasutra

    That train track photo totally reminded me of how I “engraved” my mom’s wooden spice rack with my initials when I was 5, then blamed it on my younger sister. Can’t wait to see what my kids will come up with…unless you count colouring the underside of the kitchen table with crayons, which is what I caught them doing after lunch today!

  2. Deborah

    Such gorgeous pictures! They remind me of my own wedding, way way back, and it’s very uplifting. It’s like I’m reliving my past through the photos of other people; and it’s inviting memories of love and intimacy, the stuff of legendary relationships, according to this ebook. 🙂


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