&*%#$@$^&* trojan

No, not that Trojan.  And, no, I’m not censoring myself.  There aren’t bad words bad enough to convey how mad I am at the evil, rotten people in the world who make and send those ^&&%$#%^& trojan programs onto the computers of TOTALLY INNOCENT people like me, who then have to spend all day fixing it calling her smart brother (nine times) and cousin (one time) to get things working again.  Also, now that I’m working from home, it was even worse because I couldn’t do anything but swear all day long. 

I’m tired.  Here’s a picture of an egg that wanted to be a chicken so badly.  I feel really awful for frying the poor thing.


5 thoughts on “&*%#$@$^&* trojan

  1. Buffy

    A few years back I had a trojan completely wipe out my operating system. I managed to sort it out (God only knows why) only to have it happen again on the exact same day one year later. I threw out the computer.

  2. Eve

    Even in the midst of computer snafus you totally crack me up…yeah right you felt bad frying it up…did that stop you?! 😉

  3. CJ

    Bastards!!! I hate people like that!! I think that they should be locked up in a little room with a chair and a table. Put a computer in front of them, and they cannot have any access to the outside world until the take all the trojans off that they created, BLINDFOLDED!!! Then maybe they will understand our flustrations!!

    As you can tell Ive had awhile to think about my course of action! LOL


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