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Hmmmm.  I’ve let too many things I want to write about pile up.  I hate that.  First of all, thank you to everyone who commented and emailed about my family in Houston.  They are fine.  The evacuating was not too fun, but they got to my grandparents after about 24 hours (to go roughly 300 miles) and will head back in a day or two.   

My mom took me out to see The Wizard of Oz, which was great fun.  We sat in the second row, eye level with the stage, so that I had to stand up when it was over to see the yellow brick road!  I can’t decide who stole the show, maybe the Lion, but the Wizard and Glenda were fabulous, too.  The sets and costumes were superb, and we even felt the heat of the pyrotechnics!  We had time for dinner beforehand, at this restaurant.  I had a roasted artichoke with chipotle aioli (spicy mayo) that was very good, and a pear and gorgonzola salad.  Chocolate dessert, of course.  I don’t know when my mom and I had so much time together without the kids.  It was so nice.

The next night, my brother and his wonderful girlfriend took me here.    We ate for about three and a half hours, and pretty much just talked about the food the entire time.  AJ, you MUST eat here sometime.  It’s absolutely worth it!  The tab almost made me faint, but my dad picked up my portion for my b-day.  Excellent present!  If you go, no make that WHEN, you must try the egg, it’s just astonishing. 

The night after that (spoiled much, Jen?) my mom had us over for ice cream, flourless not overly sweet chocolate torte (yum), and a very yummy fried apple custard dish.  Heavenly.  I got excellent gifts, too! Origins foot care stuff, cash and gift certificates.  YAY!

And now, I’m incredibly tired, so I’ll leave you with some cute Willow pictures.  Night!






7 thoughts on “well now

  1. katie

    Manresa! We had the great joy of having a meal there a little over a year ago. It was wonderful. The best part was dessert, though. A number of people in our party ordered the chocolate souffle and it was divine. One of our friends got something that came with corn ice cream and the look on his face prompted my husband to say, “I think you made a dessert error!”

  2. Belinda

    Oh, I love those pictures. There is just nothing, nothing that beats a little barefoot girl in a white cotton dress. I have similar pics of mine attired in much the same way. Love it. Thanks for sharing.


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