0 for 3

I got up early this morning, got the girls and myself ready to go and made it to the county hospital for my 8 am appointment ON TIME, thankyouverymuch.  Only, apparently I was not scheduled to come in today.  I KNEW that I was, but didn’t have the appointment card with me.  I talked to the nurse so I could get the medicine that I need and came back home to a message from Lexy on the answering machine.  "MOM I am so mad at you.  The field trip isn’t today, it’s tomorrow and I TOLD YOU SO!!"  I sent him with a sack lunch and his class tshirt. 

Then I called a friend and arranged to go to her house to pick some things up tonight while Lex is at singing group practice.  Only, he just called me to tell me that the practice is at 1pm, not tonight, and that I need to drop his shirt off at school before then. 

I did finally find that appointment card.  If I had a scanner, I’d show you that is says 12-08-05 8am.  I’m so going back there later and showing them.  grrrrrrrrr

4 thoughts on “0 for 3

  1. jenny

    are you anywhere near Justin Herman Plaza?

    you can trade in any old coffee marker for a new FREE Senseo…

    December 14th and 15th
    Justin Herman Plaza
    1 Market Street
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    8:00am – 4:00pm

    just fyi.


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