20 hour vacation

The first things I saw when I woke up this morning:





I’m trying to figure out how to make Gwendolyn let me live with her.

Willow would be happy with that, too.


I had to have a beer before I could let her do this.  I get a little nervous just watching it, even.

When she let go of the bar, it smacked her in the head, but she was fine.

To completely rip off one of my Very Favorite Blogs Of All Time (Unphotographable)

This is a picture I did not take looking out at the blue, blue Pacific beneath a warm, cloudless, almost sunset sky from the top of a sandstone mountain.  The rock under my feet odd, alien, worn by wind and rain.  Stunning red manzanita branches twisting up to place their silver leaves in the sunshine.  Four miles of ponderosa pines stretching from the bottom of the mountain to the sea; a cool green and lush band between the brown under my feet and the blue forever horizon.  Hawks and crows circle the forest, land on treetops, flimsy branches bobbing gently under their weight.   I balance on one foot atop a pointy moon rock, in my flipflops and skirt, legs scratched up from hiking through the woods. 

5 thoughts on “20 hour vacation

  1. gwendomama

    THAT totally rocks!!!!!
    Willow scared the shit out of you, which was the funniest part to me. because? SHE COULD TOTALLY HANDLE THAT SUCKAHS!

    i wish i could do that too. oh wait — I CAN!!!!!!!!!
    (((you can too)))

    How you managed to take pictures without spiders is TOTALLY DECEPTIVE and AWESOME! beeeyootiful.

    and you CAN live here. let’s talk!!! SHHHHHHdon’t tell anyone…..

    and omg really?? 4am??
    what WAS that?

  2. jenijen

    YOU totally rocks! I promise when I move in that I will only keep you up until 4 talking on the weekends. The spiders didn’t faze me, strangely enough (am maybe finally just desensitized thanks to the tarantula and scorpion we have around here) but those big-ass ants freaked me out. They were like, this big >>>): IRL.


  3. jenijen

    Thanks, Lin! it is a beautiful place and you’ll have to see it sometime.
    and Gwendolyn ~ you are right. those were some bigass ants
    did you see i took that captcha thing away? HAPPY NOW? i will call you when the spam comes.


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