40 before forty

So I never put together a 40 before 40 list, and now if I wanted to make a goal of doing 40 specific things before I turn 40 years old, I’d have to fill the list with safe dates like Drive to work; Get haircut; Make breakfast; Lose car keys; Sleep

But, you know, maybe ten months is more time than I think.  I mean, a lot can happen in a week around here, and, well, you just never know.  Right?

Maybe I should have done this when I could put more thought into it, but with a half hour to go to not bust my NaBloPoMo gig, this will be stream of list consciousness:

  1. Replace the windshield wipers on my van (starting off easy)
  2. Get a twin lens reflex camera and make a contraption.
  3. Try to scuba dive (see how quickly the list got all serious?)
  4. Figure out what the hell to do with my hair
  5. Buy some art for the walls (doesn’t have to cost very much and can still be gorgeous)
  6. Make some art for the walls
  7. Knit scarves for the children of mine who have requested them
  8. Take and pass a statistics class
  9. Try the biscuits at babycakes (last time I did just cupcakes)
  10. Purge, declutter and organize my house, one room at a time (this will take until I am seven hundred and twelve, but here it is all the same)
  11. Get a mammogram
  12. Finish reading the Little House on the Prairie series to my girls
  13. Ride on a skateboard without falling off for thirty seconds at medium speed
  14. Get my savings account up to two month’s worth of expenses (I know it should be three.  I will be thrilled to get to more than one.)
  15. Get rid of the crap in the garage
  16. See some snow
  17. Sit on the beach with SG with nothing at all else to do but sit
  18. Get rid of all my ugly underpants
  19. Make Domo marshmallows for SG
  20. Take the kids to Texas again
  21. Take the kids to Portland
  22. Kiss Max’s toes
  23. Change my last name back
  24. Get a good collection of cloth napkins and ditch the paper stuff
  25. Buy something from this designer
  26. Get a cover for my cell phone
  27. Stand up on a surfboard.  While on a wave.  In the ocean.
  28. Have a weekend away somewhere (not picky here) with SG
  29. Have a picnic with SG and the kids, where the kids make all the food
  30. Send out holiday cards.  With photos.
  31. Clean out my clothes closet
  32. Get out of debt (not counting car payment)
  33. Convince the general public at least one person that saying two thousand ten is just better than saying twenty ten
  34. Have a weekend away just me just for me (would like it to be this, but I think I’d better keep it more open-ended)
  35. Deliver really good news to someone
  36. Hold a new baby and sniff its sweet little head
  37. Get back into the swing of yoga
  38. Have dinner here again with old friends
  39. Be proud of myself
  40. Get healthy

Phew — two minutes to go!

5 thoughts on “40 before forty

  1. Shoebox Princess

    I like being in my 40s. Nice list! Good luck with it. And if you need some crappy cloth napkins handmade by someone, let me know. I have a serger set up for the sole purpose of making crappy cloth napkins.

  2. Jenijen

    I think I will like it, too. Except for the creaking! I should make my own napkins, too. And, I should make some out of the kids’ old underpants and set them on the table when they are being difficult.
    Who knew I was that evil? (Besides me.)
    Mom – we could both scrap our lists and have a common goal of going to Paris together before we turn, uh, 43/65. Something like that 🙂 But I think SG still wants to see if I can scuba dive.


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