4bd-2ba, corner lot


I feel like cooking this weekend.  Maybe Sunday.  Want to make this.  And this.  And definitely this to drink.  And, if my smoker gets delivered in time, maybe I can make this.  
Tomorrow Scuba and I are going to check out a house for rent that has four bedrooms, a living room AND a family room, and a teeny little gated pool in the backyard.  It’s not far from here at all.  It’s actually nearly directly in the path that I used to walk to elementary school, near where the orchard we’d cut through used to be. It wasn’t shorter to go through the orchard, but it was more fun to risk getting caught and chased out.  With four bedrooms, I’d have an actual office instead of an office in my bedroom.  That would be really lovely, as it would bring separation of church and state to my work and home life.  I could shut the door all day Sunday, for example.
So, you know, if that works out I will probably be cleaning out the garage and ordering out on Sunday instead of cooking.  Here’s hopin.    

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