Daisy weed

Holy yikes, the days are flying by.  
My baby girl doesn’t want to cuddle with me anymore.  She’s nine and into BTR and 1D (don’t ask, if you don’t know, just keep it that way) and Katie Perry and not her mama.  I mean, she doesn’t dislike me, but she also isn’t super thrilled when I wake her up in the morning by climbing into her bed and squeezing on her.  Today she got out of school early, and so I brought my laptop to the living room to work while she studied for a test and did her homework.  And she said, You know, this homework is easy so you can just go back to your room and work.  No offense, I just wanna be alone
Poor kid.  She was born into a family where she’ll share a room until she’s 17 or so and with a mama who wants to snuggle.  

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