I could kiss whomever came up with the daylight savings time idea.  The kids were all

asleep by 9 pm, and it’s Halloween.  They had a shitload of candy and by all rights should be spazzing around poking each other and shrieking.  BUT THEY ARE ASLEEP!!  Yay for the end of daylight savings time!  Bliss.

We’ve been busy.  I didn’t even turn on the computer today.  Which was nice, because when I took a three minute break here and there today it meant I knit a row or two instead of read an email or blog.  I love both.  Sometimes one more than the other. 

We went to the county hospital early this morning for Willow’s eye exam.  I took Soph, but the boys were at school.  The doctor there is very kind.  We have seen him a few times over the last almost two years.  Today he suggested that we try patching Willow’s eyes (alternately, not together, duh) for the next six weeks to see if it helps her keep her focus.  (backstory is that when she was one, she was hospitalized with SEVERE anemia and had some neurological regression in the eye dept.  Both her eyes are "lazy" when she’s sick or tired and they drift.  The right more than the left, but both are affected.  The worry is that her vision will be compromised at some point if either of her eyes becomes too weak to hold its own.  So far, she seems to have good vision, so no glasses.  Hopefully she will outgrow this.)  Our other pedi ophthalmologist, the one I have known since 1991 and LOVE, died last month.  I’m so sad.  So sad by that.  He was the sweetest man.  It was like if Mr. Rogers (in the most positive way; I love Mr. Rogers) were an eye doctor.  The kids loved him dearly, and the adults, too.  He is very missed by so many families, I’m sure.

Anyhow, our other doctor never had us use patching because he felt like the percentage of children helped by patches was so close to the percentage who got better without treatment (it’s around 10%) that it wasn’t really a worthwhile effort.  And it is an effort with a 2 and a half year old.  But, who knows?  It could help and I would be wrong not to try if this doc wants us to.  We will try.  He suggested I aim for 4-6 hours per day.  He helpfully suggested that I do it during a time when I could play with her a lot to distract her.  But he also has a three year old and realized exactly how funny that statement was. 

Halloween was fun, I suppose.  Different from when I was little.  Certainly too rushed for us this year.  We carved pumpkins on the porch after school.  While the kids carved, I hand-fed them some cheese pizza.  Then I hurriedly washed and dressed them so they could go with their step mom to her friend’s haunted house and to trick or treat at their dad’s.  I have to say that my children have the coolest and best step mom ever.  Ever.  I am unspeakably grateful for that.

When the big kids came back, we put our big bowl of candy on the front porch, trick or treated around the block some (hardly anyone was around, and we were the only kids they had) and then drove over to my mom and step dad’s house.  The kids jumped around and played and we visited for a short bit before coming home to baths and bed BY 9 OCLOCK!  Whoo hoo!  Here are a bunch of photos of our day.  Hope you had a happy one, too.  And hope your sugar hangover isn’t too wicked. 











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  1. Lin

    Those are wonderful pictures and I don’t think Sophie could be any prettier. I honestly think that short hair suits her beautifully. Her features are delicate and, well, I just like that haircut!

  2. MomupNorth

    How is it that you have a white couch and four children? I have couch cleanliness envy. (Love your blog btw!)

  3. Jenijen

    The nice house is my mom’s!! Looking at the picture of John and Willow; the dark, stained couch in the background is ours. Every single thing in my house is either broken, stained or worn. But, someday the kids will be big, I’ll have nicer things, and I’ll miss this time. Someday.

  4. Jamie

    Glad you had a happy halloween..in case your wondering I found this about daylight savings time..Orginally Ben Franklin came up with the idea but of course we didnt impliment it till much later..http://webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/index.html

    also did you hear it will be extended in the 2007 I *think*, we will have a few (or more)weeks during the year..*sigh* kidda silly if you ask me..something about saving energy since there will be more daylight..etc..lame excuse

  5. capello

    I’m sorry to hear about Willow’s eye. Our youngest (16 mos) had an accident five weeks ago and the optical nerve damage is pretty bad. The doctors say our best hope is that he’ll regain movement in his eye. I hope Willow outgrows this as well.

    Kids can do amazing things.

  6. jess

    Great costumes, great kids, great parents. You’re a lucky family. Sorry about the Dr. i know how hard it can be to lose one you love and find a new one.

    Oh yes, great pictures too.

  7. caitLin (your sister, duh)

    that sophie is so flippin cute, takes after her auntie i guess šŸ™‚ sorry i missed the kids on halloween, but at least you took good pictures. love you sis.

  8. Belinda

    EGADS, I love your pictures! I gotta confess, I like it when they’re right there on the blog itself (as you can tell if you’ve ever been to mine and cursed its slow loading), and I don’t have to take my lazy self elsewhere.

    Beautiful children (with beautiful names, if I’ve never mentioned it before).

  9. elayne

    Step-mom? Did I miss a post?

    By the way, in case any of y’all were wondering, I can officially state that Jen makes completely AWESOME chocolate chip cookies. Between DST and chocolate chip cookies, I’m a happy person.


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