When I started scanning photos it was still my very wonderful and talented and cool sister’s birthday. But I am slow and untechnical, so now yesterday was her birthday. Happy Birthday, Ashley!

So much has been going on, which gives me too many things to pick from now. Nothing terribly important. I took Willow to the eye doctor (we love him) who takes care of Nate and he said her strabisimus is nothing to worry about. Slowly things are getting back to normal around here.

Warm weather means sippy cups left out mold fast. The milk ones make cheese. I’ll be grateful when our household has moved beyond sippy cups. Lex and Soph saw the dentist and they both have no cavities. It must be that their fairy godmothers (or maybe they have the same one?) are so disgusted with me that they come brush the kids’ teeth at night. Soph certainly ought to have some cavities.

So, the “sniper incident,” as the parents at Lex’s school have dubbed it, has a tiny follow up. Turns out the boy who was shot is my friend’s son. I called her and she was steamed, to say the least. The police did take the gun and drive the boys home. They were issued a ticket. I heard a rumor that they’ll have a hearing. It still seems so half-assed to me. How about some counseling or community service? How about a trip to the morgue or prison to see that those places aren’t too cool in reality? I suppose I don’t have a good solution, but it seems like what happened was too spooky for a wrist slapping.

Nate’s gymnastics class ended today and Lexy’s play will be this weekend. Their next activity will be rock climbing. I’m glad. This play is ridiculous! Not the play, but the drama surrounding it. First off, there is a fee to participate. (We go through the local recreation/community center.) Then there is a nominal fee, ten bucks, to rent a costume. There are photos, like school photos, to buy. A t-shirt. The tickets, even for parents, are five dollars each. But the kicker is the photography and video ban. No pictures or videos of the performance. I brought my video camera to the dress rehearsal tonight and was told I could only tape parts my child was in. Because why? Because a professional company will be taping the show and we are supposed to buy a video or dvd from them. They can kiss my ass. One of the dads pointed out that the company will be using our children’s images to make a profit without our consent. The next play he does will NOT be with these lame people. Also, no flowers for the performers unless they are given to them outside the theatre. They will hold any flowers that people bring at the ticket desk. So no one will have their feelings hurt. And, the date and time were changed and just finalized tonight, five days before the show. So, I’ll have to scout around for a more professional outfit next time. Too much drama!

Nate has school tomorrow, so I should turn in.

Tonight’s dinner was good and ready in 35 minutes! Curried chickpeas (cause you know that chickpeas taste better than garbanzo beans for some reason!) with tofu and tomatoes over coconut rice. Yum yum yum. Moosewood Cooks at Home.

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