A plan, followed by action

The other night I was google chatting with Jenny.  (Umm, apparently I curse a lot?)

mei have to get my kids’ halloween costumes together TOMORROW

 Three: Oh!
 me: so they can go to a party friday at 3
 Three: They are all going to be bums!
 me: i FUCKING hate halloween
9:50 PM Three: You are all going as bags of groceries!
 Or! Trash@!
 They are all trash@!
 What is up with the@ sign.
 You could make them smurfs.
 Blue eyeshadow in bulk
 And red pants.
 Or wait.  White.
 White pants.
 me: they have SPECIFIC ideas about what they will wear
9:51 PM very
 Three: Oh ho.
 me: fucking
 totally subject to change
 Three: Well, that’s too bad. Hobos.
 me: at any moment
 Three: Here’s your stick with a bandana tied on it.
 me: crisco & coffee ground beard, kids!
 Three: That’s right.
 me: omg
 sophie would be the cutest hobo ever
 Three: I know!
9:52 PM And the boys?
 So cute.
 me: alex is going to be a ghost
 nathan has an elaborate idea mostly based on things we already have
 Three: Sheet + bowtie around neck = awesome ghost.
 me: but he wants me to alter them in impossible ways
 Three: Oh, of course.
9:53 PM You can make him a "grunge" rock star if hobo is too uncool.
 Same costume.
 Minus the bandana on a stick.
 me: he MUST have a sword and sythe
 and wear his scream mask
9:54 PM Three: Well.
 That’s pretty damn picky.
 me: i know
 you are so damn funny
 Three: Lucy has been changing up her costume ideas for weeks.
9:55 PM me: soph too
 now she wants to wear willow’s ladybug costume
 Three: She has a fairy costume, but now wants to be a Mage, like from World of Warcraft at night, and a black cat during the day.
 I’m like, look over there!  It’s a HOBO costume
 me: i am going to run to old navy tomorrow at lunch and see if they have any more
 soph wants to wear several as well
9:56 PM Three: Dude, what the hell?
 It’s Halloween not a fashion show.


And, the very next night. . .

This was our practice run, so the beard (Hello Kitty body lotion + Peet’s Coffee) is a little wonky.  She’ll have to lose the crucifix earrings, but she’s got the plaid flannel shirt and bandanna on a stick.   I even talked her into using a giant empty pineapple juice can as a candy bag.  She came up with a sign that says "Give me candy.  I am a HOBO." 

Thanks, Jenny!

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