We’re adopting a lab and he is already my favorite child. Sorry, kids! Ace is 4, he’s about 80 pounds and he’s really friendly, unless you are an opossum in the back garden and then he would very much like to rip off your creepy little head. We are still getting acquainted, just about 24 hours after arriving home with him. He likes liver treats, and scrambled eggs in his kibble bowl at breakfast, and the half eaten ham and cheese sandwich he found in the bushes near the school. Whoops.

He’s been super good while I work today, pretty much just chillin at my feet and waiting for me to give him treats and attention. I smell like a dog and I’m covered in hair and I’m shocked at how little I care about that.


2 thoughts on “Ace

  1. Mom

    And welcome to my world. It’s a lovely place full of big soulful brown eyes, wet noses and sweet puppy kisses, the scritch scratch of paws on hardwood floors and peacefully sleeping best friends on the foot of your bed. What’s not to love. You can walk them and cuss out everyone and he will never give you up. And I’m looking forward to Ace and Lulu being best friends.


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