All that remains before NASA can clear Discovery and its seven
astronauts for landing is an inspection Friday by a new laser-tipped
boom that will provide 3-D views of scraped thermal tiles on the
shuttle’s belly. The 100-foot crane will be able to determine the depth
of what looks to be surface-coating damage, said John Shannon, flight
operations manager.

From this article, about the space flight.

Right now my dad is working at mission control in Houston, monitoring the images and making sure the camera on the boom is working.  He helped design it, and he is a member of the return to flight team. 

My dad can totally kick your dad’s ass.

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  1. Jo

    Wow! Neat!

    My dad was/is an optical engineer who worked on Hubbel. He consults now, though he’s retired. Cool man! But yours might just kick his ass, since he deals with SPACEMEN.


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