And I got ready for the future to arrive


Holy hell. 

You know, I’m okay, but damn if I’m not getting it from all sides right now.  And, secretly, when I say I’m okay I’m thinking something else entirely. 

I’m disappointed with the pictures I took in New York.  I totally lost my photo mojo.   

Today I paid almost four hundred dollars to find out that I owe ten times that in taxes.  Then, I checked my bank account and realized that I have been using the WRONG debit card (we have two checking accts with debit cards and one is *just* for online purchases so that if anyone gets the info (has happened to me before) our main acct will be okay) while I was in New York, and at Trader Joe’s and to get gas.  Yeah.  So that was a few hundred bux in overdraft charges.  I called the bank and told them what a complete dumbass I am and they took some off, but still, 70 dollars in fees there.  I was using the wrong one because new ones came in the mail, and I put the wrong one in my wallet.  Because I’m smooth like that. *sigh*

Tomorrow night I will go back to yoga and see if that knocks some of the bad mood out.  Gwendomama sent me a link to this story about a tightrope yoga guy.  I’m just waiting for the surfer yoga guy to make his debut. . .

Googling "yoga surfer" led me here.  And, if I wasn’t kicking $4k to the government, I’d be ALL OVER that place.  Damn.

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