and things were going so well, too

I fixed the fan!  It wasn’t really and truly broken, the blade was just loose on the mount and not turning right.  Still, though, I restored it to its former kick-assness, and that felt so good I decided to work on the computer. 

The cd drive/burner that was the original to the computer works, but the mechanism that opens and shuts the door broke.  There was a second cd drive beneath that, but we couldn’t make our own cds anymore.  So, I replaced the original one with a new cd burner that my sister gave me a few weeks ago.  I hooked everything up just as it was, but even though the computer told me that all devices were "working properly" neither of the cd drives would work.  In fact, if I selected either device on the my computer menu and hit "eject," they’d BOTH open.  heh.  Figuring that there was something internally important in the stuck shut stock one, I redid it all today.  Now the original is back, with the master hook up, and the new one is in with the subservient hook up and then there’s the operable cd drive, still in there but not hooked up at all. 

Alrighty, then.

I went to see if a disc would play, and got a message that said the computer couldn’t play the disc because it couldn’t find itunes.  Hmmm.  I plugged in the ipod.  No itunes.  I tried to run itunes, and it no longer exists.  But, I know it’s there somewhere.  I called my sister for advice, but had to leave a message.  Then I got impatinent and stupid, and started farting around.  That’s never a good thing. 

I ran a repair thing from the itunes setup menu.  So far, so good, right?  Then I got itunes to open, and there was a totally blank library, because rather than repair, it decided to renew.  I plugged in the ipod, and all the music I have appeared in the library along with a message that said that this itunes library wasn’t connected to this ipod and did I want to make this library the new library and update the ipod?  HELL NO! Because that library was empty.  So then I kept farting around and landed on music sharing.  I thought that I could get all my music from the ipod into this new library, so I shared.  And then the ipod started updating and you all know how it ends, don’t you?


UPDATED!!  It ended okay.  I talked to my sister’s boyfriend and he told me what to do.  I was able to find my old library and it’s all good now.  Phew.  Now I’ll see if I can get the cd drives to work.  Cross your fingers for me!

5 thoughts on “and things were going so well, too

  1. Suebob

    Mr. Stapler and I went to Hawaii a few weeks after he got his first iPod. He spent weeks loading all his music on that thing and fotzing with it so he would be ready for the beach.

    At home he docked it on his PC. Within an hour of landing in Hawaii, he docked it on my Mac…and it reformatted the whole thing. Zero beach music. He took it kind of well. Spent the whole week sleeping, pretty much.

  2. Marsha

    The other day as I laid on the bathroom floor putting together all the parts which make up the pipes under the bathroom sink, I thought of you. I am glad I am not the only one who likes to roll up her sleaves and fix stuff. I got all that goop out of the pipes, which comes from having a teenage daughter who brushes her hair over the sink. I think next time I will teach her how to fix that smell.

    Glad your favorite fan is working again. I don’t have any air conditioning either, so I hear you. I hope you figure out the mechanics of the drives and get them opening and closing as they should.

  3. jenny r

    I like to fix stuff, but the computer? I would be in big trouble if I messed that up! But I do get tired of the message, “Previous Fan Failure! Click f1 to continue.”


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