Cure for what ails you.

Scuba and I are camping in Monterey, and even though now that the sun is down and it’s so cold he just went out to buy gloves, another hat, anything warm at all, it’s undoing all of the stress.
We rode bikes from Monterey to Pacific Grove, and then hiked our favorite trail off of Highway 1. I should unplug and enjoy the fire and make sure the tent doesn’t blow away (not joking!) but, 3G.  So.  Time to download another TC Boyle book and be thankful we are not actual pioneers.
P.S.  Everybody but the kids, the dogs, and us at this campsite is smoking weed. 

1 thought on “Away

  1. Mom

    Take a big deep breath! Lovely photo. You’re in one of my favorite places but I’m not camp ready til probably June.


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