Back to school, limited edition

Willow's first day of 5th grade.

Willow on her first day of fifth grade.  
I borked the annual first day of school photo this year, but also the kids’ schools started on two different days, so we didn’t technically have the photo opp.
Here’s one of the first ones I took in 2005:

boys' first day of school 05

And Willow when she started kindergarten:

willow's first day of kindergarden

Last night part of her homework was to look in the mirror and say black bug’s blood five times fast.  That’s one of the many tongue twisters my brother and I used to say with our dad (my favorite was probably rubber baby buggy bumpers) so I could do it well enough.  I never know what’s going to make me miss him the most.  I thought it would be big things like birthdays and holidays, but it’s really times like last night when I wished they could video chat and he could teach her a bunch of tongue twisters, or later when we all went out and watched the International Space Station as it passed across the sky over our quiet backyard. 

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