Today was one of those days where I had to get water to brew coffee from the hall bathroom because the kitchen sink is so full of dishes. I love that I’m cooking so often (let me toot my own horn here) and so well, but the dishes are overwhelming lately. Instead of being responsible and cleaning up, I took a loaf of French bread and cut it and drizzled olive oil and garlic on both sides of it and stacked some cheese and briney olives and roasted peppers on that. Then I wrapped it in foil and smashed it flat and we put it and Willow (the big kids are with their dad Sunday afternoons) and some other supplies in the car and drove to visit my friend K, who I love and never get to see. We sat on her deck and had iced coffee and fruit tarts while the kids played.

Then we all went to the beach at Capitola. Kind of a touristy place, but nice to be close to the bathrooms and parking and food places. To say Willow had a great time is a grand understatement. She ate sand and dug sand and crawled on sand and shared sand and ate more sand. I took a silly amount of photos that will most likely be developed tomorrow. I am feeling so much better than I would have if I’d hung out here in my pajamas all day trying to get the house clean. It is so hopeless sometimes.

Sitting on the beach makes me really really want to move closer to it. For me it is like getting a massage or doing yoga or meditating. It’s a recharge. I think the kids would thrive near the ocean. I think John and I would, too. I think we’d always have a lot of dishes in the sink because we were running off to the beach instead of cleaning, but that’s okay.

Nate woke up a few minutes ago, and we had a talk about the paucity of female superheroes. He was listing them for me, “Bat Woman, Wonder Woman, Hot Girl. . . ” I asked who Hot Girl was and he told me that she’s not really that powerful, she just has an electric wand. He told me what all the wand does, but I missed most of what he said since he’s sleepy and mumbly. He is now trying to get into the loose copies of our wedding photos, and John is in line for computer time. You’d think it’s the middle of the day around here or something.

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  1. shannon

    Devil’s advocate for the woman with sand in her shoes: we live only a few miles from the beach, used to live a few minutes… the tourists can be so MUCH come summer, and the storms – oh my! I’ll take my now comfortable distance 🙂 I’m glad you and the kids had such a good time! Dishes will always be there- a beautiful day should be taken full advantage of. Hugs to all!


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