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My youngest child, Miss Willow, will turn three in exactly a month.  Then it will be an officially baby-free house for the first time since Lex was born in October of 1996.  I love babies and taking care of them and hanging out with them, you know, looking at leaves on trees and chewing on board books and all.  But, as sad as it makes me to see the kids grow older (and surlier), I think that the baby phase of my life is justifiably over.  It was a very long run.  Maybe this spring, but definitely this fall, Willow will begin a super-part-time preschool.  And it may come to pass (I will always think of Cate Blanchett now when I hear that phrase, thank you Peter Jackson, she’s a pretty thought) very soon, that I will have time to get groceries and clean around the oven with a toothpick and go to the library WITHOUT CHILDREN.  On a regular basis.  I think that only if you have been in my brand of stay at home with little kids boat does that really mean anything to you. 

So, guess what I did??

My friend, she called and was telling me that now that her third child, little baby O, is three months old, she is ready to finish up her degree, but was having a rough time finding childcare. 


Yes, I did.

I start tomorrow. 

Slap me.

I’m kinda excited, though.

I love babies.

7 thoughts on “bring it on

  1. jess

    Perfect! All the baby – none of the sleep deprivation.

    Parker is going to preschool in the fall. I don’t know what i’m going to do with two whole hours twice a week!

  2. shannon

    Well, it may give ya’ less toothpick time, but at least you get the cuteness AND the baby heads home afterwards.

  3. Lin

    I can’t remember is this song is from Annie Get your Gun or not, but here’s the song that keeps going through my head after reading your posting…”I’m Just a Girl who Can’t Say No”

    You’ll have fun with that baby, I’m sure!

  4. Jenijen

    Yes, I know it seems crazy. BUT it’s only a few hours a week, not everyday. And, I’ll do almost anything to get to smell a baby’s head every so often.

    I’m such a breeder.

  5. Alpha

    Good for you! My husband spent his second year as a stay-at-home dad doing daycare for the baby of a colleague of mine. It was a fantastic experience for Ruthanne. I think it helped prepare her to have a baby in the house all the time!


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