car trouble on the lonely road

I’ve had it with my fucking van. 

I am so tired of spending six hundred bucks every couple of months on things and ending up with an unsafe and unreliable car.  It can’t even  take us to the beach!!  The mechanic who helped us last time was great, and did exactly what I asked.  I should have asked him to do the diagnostic, instead of just having him fix what the other shop told me to.  But, who knows, maybe it’s just a lemon.  It stalls on me; at stoplights, while I’m driving down the street minding my own business.  I’m afraid that someone will plow into the back of us and I don’t even want to think about that.  So, my parents (who are ready for me to win the lottery, big time) have offered (well, I asked) to loan us some money to get a new/used minivan.  I’m thinking either honda, toyota or nissan.  Any feedback?  My step-dad recommends a dodge, cause his lasted forever, but the one I have now is a dodge, just under another label.   

I’m ready for teleporting.  Will someone please get on it?!

5 thoughts on “car trouble on the lonely road

  1. jess

    I would recommend a newer/used Honda. I hear they are great. I have a crappy 1995 Ford Van, but it hasn’t ever caused me any problems. I hate cars and I take terrible care of them. I hate how they cost so much and are worth so little.

  2. shannon

    Eliezer’s Nissan lasted FOREVER – it did die this year, but the things’ odometer broke two years ago at 200K!

  3. shannon

    Hey Jen, I’d love any nursing top hand me downs you might have! I’m wearing medium and large in the two I got from Margaret at LLL…. I’m sure I’ll be a pro in a few months, but for now it’s really nice to have the extra privacy. Can’t find your e-mail address though – drop me a line?

    Hugs, Shannon

  4. elayne

    My dad’s Toyota truck lived for.damn.ever, as did my mom’s Volkswagen bus/van. (The truck was stolen at ~14 years, they finally traded the bus in at 20+. YEAH.) My dad got off on this “Buy American!” kick (at the same time he paid someone thousands of dollars to concrete over their front yard and put a flagpole in the middle of it, presumably to match with all rest of the American Flag and Eagle and Red White And Blue crap that he has everywhere) and their next three vehicles (Chevy and Dodge) sucked, hard, bad. Constant breakdowns, repairs, malfunctions. Now he’s back to a Toyota.

    Good luck – I worry about you too, in that van.

  5. Donna

    Yeah, although it feels unpatriotic to say so, I’d say any Honda/Toyota or Nissan will be more reliable than a U.S. vehicle. We just traded in our decrepit Ford Explorer for a Honda Pilot and couldn’t be happier. (But you should ask again in a couple of years when it’s not new any longer…)


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