The photo has nothing to do with anything, it just made me laugh.

Last night I had a delightfully strange and vivid dream.  DON’T WORRY!  I know that telling odd dreams in detail is, generally speaking, the kiss of yawning, boring death for an entry.  But, I did learn that my whole world, it is held together by tiny, not-so-well-tied knots in skinny nylon ropes.  Also, if you run over a bunch of whales with your big boat, the whale dogs will come. 

Yesterday I had one of those moments where I was really thankful for my little blog.  Without going into details, because a) that might come back to bite me in the ass, and b) it’s a specific example of a generic problem I have, I will say that I met someone, another mother, and I tried to be friendly and share something that was helpful.  (but in a very "this works great for me, I know there are lots of other solutions, but here is something to ponder and I am NOT telling you what to do, and here is one other thing to consider" kind of way) I didn’t just volunteer the information, she was describing a problem she was having.  She listened to me, and smiled, and then turned to another mother, someone she already knew, and loudly whispered "Well, I just don’t believe in that."  And, I wanted to back away from the situation, but I was stuck, so I had to just sit there and feel like an outsider.

And I do feel like an outsider in a majority of the social situations I find myself in.  Except here.  So, uh, thanks, my online peer group, for being so lovely that when I find myself wanting to go hide in the bushes, I can just laugh it off and wish that the ability to delete comments could somehow extend to real live situations. 

If I don’t go do laundry now, everyone will be naked tomorrow. 

12 thoughts on “caution!

  1. Eve

    Well, I just want to say mean things to that woman. Who is she? Where does she live? I’ll defend your honor, dammit. πŸ˜›

  2. NattyChick

    I can relate to that. Totally. I really do wish that people could be a little less pissy sometimes. Especially when you are offering well meant and ‘take it or leave it but here’s what works for me’ advice. I am pleased for you though that you have the option of this little ‘outlet’. Keep it coming, I love your work.

  3. Lisa Canter

    OMG you make me laugh – especially that laundry line which I know so well. I often feel like an outsider in the mommy world. There are elements in my life that just don;t jive with everyone – even though I’m really not that radical or weird. I will never be elected to run the PTA. I have been tramatized several times on how parenting puts my life up for judgement. I find it really hard to deal with sometimes.

  4. Refinnej

    Urgh. I hate that kind of thing. I also feel like an outsider in a lot of social situations. Partly because I manage to stick my foot in my mouth, partly because I cannot relate to some people who inhabit the earth. πŸ˜‰

    Yay for blogging!

  5. GraceD

    Crap, sweetie, I’m sorry you ran into my older sister who is a total asshat but karma is going to do a fat job on her one day, let me tell you!!!!

    You’re so genteel that you wouldn’t say this on your blog or in person, but being the vulgar old broad I am, I’ll say it for you – fuck that bitch.

    Thank you for this cathartic moment on your bandwidth.

  6. jilbo

    Jesus, what a bitch. What an incredibly rude thing to do.

    That was a sorority moment (sorry to any of you who were ever in a sorority). Looks like she just wanted to make sure you understood that you were not “in the club”. I want to be on the committee to administer retribution. I’m big and I’m scary.

  7. Jo

    We could TOTALLY take her. Even just Grace and me, with one hand tied behind each of our backs.

    Can it be YOUR hand tied behind our backs? Snicker snicker
    Or your behind tied behind my hands…


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