Complain much?

Okay.  Things have gone from bad to ridiculous around here.  Sophie has an ear infection and I can’t get her into a doctor until tomorrow unless we go to the hospital emergency room.  She isn’t writhing on the floor in pain or anything, and I’m dosing her with motrin, so that will have to do.  Willow sounds like she has croup.  Lex woke up and barfed AGAIN.  Nate, currently my favorite child, is at school.  I need to go pick him up.  If I can stop coughing long enough to drive that is. 

4 thoughts on “Complain much?

  1. Dixie

    Holy smokes! Did you piss off the universe or something? One mother shouldn’t have to deal with all this sickness!

    Bless your bones, I hope it’s all gone soon and everyone back to normal.

  2. Daria

    Mymymy! That is a whole lot of sickness. I am projecting healthy vibes that I am borrowing from my mom, as well as her awsome immune system, your way. May all this pass and everyone be healthy to enjoy the weekend.

    Next i am praying to heathen gods to give us 70 on the weekend with no rain and plenty of sunshine.


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