beach, quickly

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We made it over to the beach again tonight.  We left late and it was cold, so our stay was short.  But, oh, was it ever breathtakingly beautiful there. (click on the photo to see more pics on Flickr)  We were lucky enough to meet up with Gwendomama and her family for a brief visit.  Sophie cried because she was cold and wanted to leave, and Willow cried because she wanted to "go swimmin’ in it!!"  The boys just ran around digging and finding big rocks.  I sat and tried to figure out how anyplace can be so lovely.      

I remembered to shake the sand out before putting the clothes in the washer, but Lex upped the degree of cleanup difficulty by barfing in the car.  Luckily, he did it into two big plastic cups, which I appreciate more than he knows.  Everyone is tucked in and the stuff is put up.  The washer and dishwasher are running and now it’s time to sleep.  Maybe we’ll go again next week, earlier and with firewood.

This disjointed post brought to you by sleepiness.

4 thoughts on “beach, quickly

  1. capello

    Oh man, I should definately live near a coast. Everyone keeps saying how lovely and *not hot* it is.

    When I was about twelve I totally ha dto barf in the car. It was on the way home from church, so I spread my leg so my skirt catched it all. Can you believe me step-monster threw a fit for me catching it all in my skirt? I thought that was about the best idea I had ever had in my life.


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