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  Avoiding Nature Deficit Disorder 
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I haven’t started my full-time job yet, but I’m doing it from home on a part-time + basis.   I think it’s okay for me to say now that I’m working for BlogHer.  In a couple of months, I’m going to go and work in a real, live office.

Weird, I know!

I’m really happy about it, and will be even happier when I figure out how things will work as far as the whole FOUR KIDS thing goes.   I think that most of the child-wrangling will be done by John, if his schedule turns out like we think it will this fall.  It’s tough for a control freak like me (yet, at the same time, I fully realize I have no control over things — well, maybe I have a tiny bit, but not much. *sigh* see? Control Freak) to imagine the future when all my ducks aren’t in a row.   I like my ducks lined up. 

I am sad about being away from Willow so much since she’s just a baby to me, but she gets me all to herself every other weekend, and that makes it easier.  I have this wild theory that maybe my kids will be a little kinder to me if they see me less.  If I’m wrong, at least I’ll be able to justify the retail therapy I’ll need to cope.   Silver lining and whatnot.

I swear I’m not brown-nosing (like the BlogHer founders have time to read my blog — dude!  they are SO BUSY) when I say that I couldn’t imagine more awesome women to work for and with.  I feel so completely lucky.  Blessed.

Tonight I went to Tarjay and bought the kids an above ground pool (I had to get a box of pool chemicals, too — how science-y) and another DVD player so they won’t have to lug the one they share from one bedroom to another.  I hope they are happy with the pool and the movies, because two days of vacation have passed and it’s been awful.  I need to get kind of a lot done for work during the day, and the girls are In.My.Face. with the requests for candy and the wails of "I’m bored!"  It’s not good. 

I want to get one of those "OOL don’t put the "P" in our ool!" signs.  Also, a pool boy.  Can you have one if the pool is 10 feet wide and 30 inches deep?  I think that should be allowed. 


6 thoughts on “creek girls

  1. Marsha

    I cannot tell you how excited I am for you. I imagine that once you are working at an office it will be a lot easier. Because when you are at home, you can give your attention to the family stuff and when you are at work you can give your attention to the work stuff. It is hard to have your attention split all the time. While I am not working for pay I am working toward my degree from home and I know what it is like to be trying to concentrate and get something done and have the kids want me. Or to have to stay up late or get up early to get the opportunity to have a whole thought. Yeah for you. I am hoping to be working outside the home again too, in about a year.

  2. marian

    Jen- congratualtions! I’m very happy for you, and that your talent is being recognized… It IS much, much easier to work away from home. But yeah, the whole four kids thing. It’ll be challenging, that’s for sure, but you sure picked a good outfit to work for…

  3. jennifer ramos

    I’m tired of hearing, “Mom. I’m hungry!” Every few minutes. Plus the begging for candy and what-not. I hear ya!

    And my favorite pool sign has always been, “We don’t swim in your toilet. Please don’t pea in our pool.”

    I look forward to hearing how the job goes!

  4. Denise

    Working for BlogHer IS awesome, isn’t it? I am happy for us both but I’m jealous that I don’t get to come and work with y’all in that real live office. Sniff, sniff! Will you call me from the real live office and just say hi once in awhile? Heh.


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