cubby love (with too many parenthetical comments)

I’ll take photos soon, but first I need to finish assembling.  Just wanted to tell the world that I am the happy owner of FIVE cubbies now.  Two for the boys, in their room, and three for the entryway.  Maybe I will never trip over another backpack or stinky pair of tennies again!  I know I’m odd about this, but cut me some slack, I hardly ever get out.  Cubbies are high priority for me.

John already related this, but I have to as well.  At bedtime the boys were playing this new stahr warrrs game Nate bought at tarjay with his money, some money I owed him, (part back-allowance and part payback for  today’s lunch money, Mama had NO cash and couldn’t be bothered to go to the bank with the girls) and a little bit more.  You have a little light saver (as the boys both say) and you get to battle with bad guys (I haven’t seen it yet, dunno if it’s new or old skool characters) with their light savers on your tv!  I’d have looooooved that when I was little.  It seems really cool.  But, the story is this:

I was in bed with the girls, nursing Willow and reading several of the Beatrix Potter books (Tom Kitten, the one about the patty pan, and one other I forget and it’s too dark in there to check ~ aren’t I helpful?) to both of them.  Sophie said she had to pee, but Willow didn’t want to get up.  Sophie went alone, and she used to wipe herself, but lately, she’s forgotten how.  After a few moments I hear her calling.  "Mama?"  Then, "Papa?"  I call out, "SOPHIE!!  Wipe yourself!!" 

Another minute goes by.  "Papa??  Mama??"
Willow stops nursing, sits up and yells "SOPHIE! WIPE YOU SELF!!"
Then lays back down to nurse. 

After I stop laughing, I ask John to please go help Sophie.  He was right there watching the boys do light saver battle.  He walks into the bathroom and I hear this conversation:
John: Why are there goldfish crackers all over the floor, Sophie????
Sophie: Because!  They were in my pants!!

This would be funnier if you knew beforehand that she was wearing thermal undies for pjs, and had no pockets.  She literally stuffed goldfish crackers in her pants.  Lord knows why, it’s not like I only give her a few at a time or anything to justify her stockpiling them in her knickers. 

One more thing:

After Willow fell asleep, I went with Sophie into the boys’ room.  We do this often; Willow sleeps alone, and those three sleep like puppies in one bed.  We listened to the last few chapters of EB White reading Charlotte’s Web.  (Santa has to bring that on cd to our house this year.  I put it on my amazon wish list and everything.  Strangely, MY wish list is all stuff I want to get for the kids.  I need to fix that.)  The last few chapters are so sweet and well done.  I love love love EB White, his essays are excellent.  Listening to him read is so wonderful.  Lexy wanted me to cuddle with him after the story was over, because he was a little sad (but, as he pointed out, not nearly as sad as the first time we read it), and I made him go brush his teeth.  He came back smelling better, and we cuddled for a while before I got up to take my millions of pills (I am on WAY too many medications right now.  Ick.) and all that.  That child is as big as me.  I was thinking about the story and about how every spring, or year, he is really a new child.  Kinda like the new baby spiders showing up every year.  Because the Lexy now at nine is so very different in radical ways from the little thing he was nine years ago in his first year.  I was going to say something about how Charlotte could never be replaced in Wilbur’s heart, even though he dearly loved all her children and grandchildren, and about that first year with a new baby being sort of separate and magical compared to the other years (I realize that this only applies to me and a few other folk, I think most people like their kids older better, or do they?  I have no clue.) BUT I was starting to make myself nauseous with the sappy analogy and I would like some people to come back later to see photos of my assembled and arranged cubbies!

9 thoughts on “cubby love (with too many parenthetical comments)

  1. Belinda

    Oh, that is all just so sweet. I am going to put Goldfish in my pants.

    Oh, and you know that you can order from Target online, and they don’t even charge shipping?

  2. Jen

    WHAT??? NO SHIPPING??? I’m going to faint with excitement!!

    (they don’t have my cubbies on line, though. I checked because getting them required me to drive to the mall. Hate that.)

  3. Broomgirl

    What is a cubbie? Don’t think we got those in good old South Africa.

    LOVE the story about the crackers in the pants. My Connor would do something like that.

    I cannot seem to subscribe to your blog. Any idea why? Or perhaps you could subscribe me?

  4. Jenny

    there’s a brand of tupperware called “lock and lock” (and it seems that only asian supermarkets-like 99Ranch- carry them) and every time i purchase one, i feel like going to sleep with it tucked under my arm.

    they are really THAT GREAT and i lovelovelove them.

    I guess that’s how you feel about the cubbies. heh.

  5. Jenny

    there’s a brand of tupperware called “lock and lock” (and it seems that only asian supermarkets-like 99Ranch- carry them) and every time i purchase one, i feel like going to sleep with it tucked under my arm.

    they are really THAT GREAT and i lovelovelove them.

    I guess that’s how you feel about the cubbies. heh.

  6. jenny

    i got your email…You need to get some! trust me, it is THE BEST TUPPERWARE OF ALL TIME.

    I have 16 different ones, ranging from large circular to milkshake tumbler w/cool spiraly thingy that fits inside and breaks up the chunks of ice cream/milk. They have these snaps along the side and they are AIR TIGHT. I once kept an open block of chedder in one and it was soft for over a month and a half… who knows if you’re even suppose to eat cheese that’s a month+ old. haha.

    it’s kind of sad i know exactly how many i have. (and, when i have people over and they want to take something home, i’m obsessive about not letting the lock and lock leave my house.)

    best part is that they are (relatively) cheap.

    3.99 for a quart size? non-warping lids? microwavable? air tight? doesn’t stain??!

    i’m in love.


  7. jess

    I hear you mama. My front hall is a huge mess of backpacks, lunchboxes, coats, boots and shoes. I have tried and tried to organize. Six people with sneakers, sandals, rainboots plus a couple others = out of control mess. I want pictures.


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