Dear Sophie,

You know how I never get mad when you pee your pants (or worse)?  And how I never flip out when you pee on the carpet or in your carseat?  I have to tell you that peeing your pants three or four times a day is not something to strive for.  WE HAVE NO WASHER AT THE MOMENT.  If you don’t stop, I’m going to clean your clock.


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  1. Jamie

    uggg…sending sympathy and hopes you can get a washer soon..Kids and no washer totally bites.. (of course we oncelived in an apartment building where people would steal laundry) so it could be worse ?

  2. jess

    Oh Sophie, why can’t you understand adults?

    Thinking of you – and feeling it – we lost our washer and dryer in the middle of stomsch flu a few weeks ago. Sucks. Big time. We have since seen the demise of the VCR and microwave – it’s a conspiracy!

    Happy New Year!!!


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