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Some mornings I do manage to get myself dressed before I take the kids to school, but some hasn’t happened in a long time.

Sophie has safety patrol all this week and gets picked up by her best friend’s mom at 7:45 every day, so it was just Willow and Lex in the car with me this morning.  We live across the street from Nate’s school, so he never gets a ride, even in the rain. 

Willow is going to be nine next month, and is taking the Tween Stage of life dead serious.  She’s got headphones and Big Time Rush CDs.  She sits at the computer watching Big Time Rush videos on You Tube.  She hates homework now.  And, as of last night and this morning, she seems to have traded her beloved little stuffed monkey (sleeps with it, takes it to school in her backpack, was HEARTBROKEN when it was lost for a couple of days) for a CD insert from a BTR CD that folds out into a poster on one side and song lyrics on the other.  She slept with it last night.  Honestly.  When we got to her school she hopped out of the van with the folded up CD insert clutched in her little hand and I watched her walk off with my all my days of parenting little kids.  Yes I’m being melodramatic, but whatever – I’m trading in my last sweet little kid for a surly tween. 

Backing up three or four minutes, though, when we all got into the car I thought that it would be fun (and funny since Lex was with us) to put on MMMBop super loud for Willow while we drove to school.  Usually Lex rides his bike to school, but one of his two bikes was stolen and they cut his only bike lock, so that’s out until we get a new beefier lock.  I didn’t want him to have to ride his skateboard in the icy cold this morning.  Willow doesn’t listen to Hansen, but she looooved the song (duh), and Lex was a good sport.  As soon as she got out of the car, I handed him my iPod and let him select the music for the rest of our drive.  So as we went to the high school, it was The Kinks and The Buzzcocks.  We pulled up and before he got out of the car, right in front of God and everyone and a really hot cheerleader, he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and told me he loved me like he always does when I take him to school.  Then I watched him walk off, wearing his button down shirt and tie since there’s a wrestling meet this afternoon, and I said outloud to myself, Dude.  This is why I wanted to become a parent.  Nothing really happened during that little  ten minute stretch, but I enjoyed every single second of it.   

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  1. Heather C.

    The successful moments with the girl children can be so gloriously high. But those sweet times with the boy children hit the heart in a different way. Both are amazing.


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