early present

A northern California thunderstorm!  I am so happy to sit in my quiet room and listen while Willow eats chips and watches a Blue’s Clues (old skool Steve Blue’s Clues) video.  The boys and Soph are in school.  I wonder if they’re hiding under their desks; they aren’t used to hearing thunder and I think it scares them a little.  I love it, though.  I spent lots of time as a kid in Texas, sitting on a car in the driveway or lawn chair on the yard, watching and listening to storms come in.  They were best in summer, when their arrival would cool the air and the concrete down, and we’d stand just inside the open front door, watching it pour. 

3 thoughts on “early present

  1. katie

    you’re catching the top of our thunderstorm as it moves north (i’m in southern california) so i know exactly what you mean. last night the electricity went off several times and the kitties just ran from room to room trying to find quiet. today at work the lights kept on flickering and the lightning was bright and the thunder shook the building, and i stared out the big picture window with a huge smile on my face. it’s a beautiful thing.


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