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  1. elayne

    Hey Jen – thanks for linking to me (what a traffic boost!), and thanks to everyone who visited and commented.

    I do feel the need to defend Doug a bit, though – Doug’s an atheist himself, and is easily as firm a believer in the “keep religion out of government” precept as I am. Brews an excellent beer, builds a wicked playground set, is a very involved dad and a devoted husband. BUT he enjoys playing Devil’s advocate every so often, and he and I have a running “picking on your logic” deal. And actually, in part because of his challenges to my sometimes sloppy thinking, I HAVE gotten better at refining the process, and developed the habit of thinking about what I’m thinking about, if that makes sense – so it’s helpful.

    I recognized the sarcasm in his comment, because I’ve known him for quite a while, but someone who doesn’t know his “voice” might easily misinterpret it.

    Anyway, this comment is kind of buried here in the page so I don’t know if anyone will see it, but I feel kinda bad that Doug’s tongue-in-cheek “Christian nation” comment (which probably would have relayed the sarcasm better if he’d said “dontcha know” instead of “you know”) seems to have been taken seriously, wanted to at least make an effort to clear that up. **smooches**


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