evening news

I should have put the kids to bed ten fifteen twenty thirty six minutes ago. 

They are (depending on the kid)

  • finishing up a report
  • watching anime with a tiny bit of cursing (is ‘damn’ still a curse word?)
  • eating corn chips (not junkfood because they are organic!)
  • drinking the last of the milk (crappy tomorrow morning to follow)
  • urgently reminding me (again and then again and twice more for good measure) that tomorrow night is Open House
  • grumbling about stuff I chose to tune out
  • getting all up in my grill

I am

  • having a beer http://www.newgrist.com/
  • yelling a little bit
  • reading a magazine http://www.dwell.com/
  • the following is not really a bulleted list item, per se, but, if you have ever been to my house, you will see that my OHMYGAWDIWANTTHAT attraction to beautifully made buildings and appliances and furniture is one of my invisible passions.  the difference between how I would like for us to live and how we do perplexes me.  please do note that you have to click on the magazine link for this comment on my "invisible passion" to make sense, unless you already KNOW of dwell magazine and then, well, you are excused from clicking. 
  • getting a second beer
  • thinking about sad things. about this man I’ve never met, but who is part of our extended family circle, who has little boys, a wife, and now, suddenly, cancer.  cancer that will probably take his life before he’s halfway through it
  • watching the following video — happy earth day

3 thoughts on “evening news

  1. jenijen

    furiousball ~ it’s not guinness, but is tasty. (i have to drink gluten-free beer)

    mamadaisy ~ happy late birthday! yeah, we’ve definitely got the parallel thing going on


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