Eye of the beholder

This morning Sophie and I were the first ones up.  Well, except for John who’d already left for work.  That is the one thing I’ll miss when school starts; those waking up slow mornings where the kids and I can just cuddle up and talk. 

Soph and I were on the couch and she was telling me a story.  I was mostly paying attention to the sunlight on her face, the beautiful grey and green in the brown of her eyes.  I asked her if I could take a picture of her eye, and she said I could only if she could take one of mine. 

Then, she started to take a closer look at my face. 

"Mama," she said, "your eyes are all squishy and liney.  Are you really old?  Are you going to die?" 

"Well.  Uh.  I’m getting a little bit old, but not OLD, you know?  Don’t worry."



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