Family Planning

Tonight I was putting away about ten loads of laundry that have been hanging out in baskets in the hall for the past two weeks, and Sophie started asking me about when I thought some of my younger siblings might start having kids of their own.  "Let’s call and ask.  Right now," she said. 

"No," I said, "A&J haven’t been married that long, they are young, and most importantly, you can’t ask someone if they plan to have kids or not — it’s none of your business, really."

"Hmmm," she said, "What about J&S?"

"What about them, Soph?"

"Maybe THEY will have a baby and we can give them some of these clothes for her!"


"So.  I wanna call A and ask her."

"No.  Besides, she’s young.  I’m sure that there are so many things she’d like to do before she has kids, if they decide they want –"

Here, Soph interrupted me, all excited, "YEAH!  Like marching around, cartwheels, swimming in whirlpools (’cause that is REALLY hard to do) and bike riding."

"Exactly."  I said.  "I really wish I had done lots more of those things before I had children.  Especially the cartwheels."

"It’s, like, impossible to do them when you’re holding a baby," she said, "and same with bike riding." 

"Totally, Soph.  Totally."

5 thoughts on “Family Planning

  1. chris

    I am afraid to try and do a cartwheel, I might hurt something! Tonight I did hang upside down by my knees from the trapeeze thing on the swingset. That definitely would not have been easy with a baby strapped to my chest.


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