for Debra

unfinished Pointy Kitty head
Originally uploaded by Jen and John.

I FINALLY found time to use my new sewing machine. It’s a teeny little model from sears that just does the basics which is perfect for me. I cut this fabric out in February. *sigh* Can’t finish until tomorrow, since I ran out of polyfill and it’s Easter. Plus, I am tempted to stuff the head more, but that would be a pain. It is the prototype, after all.

2 thoughts on “for Debra

  1. Debra


    Thank you. That is a might cute little machine there!! I’m almost feeling SM envy!!

    And Pointy Kitty 007!! I am resisting the impulse to make wee wonderful’s stuffed stuff. They are so cute!!

    But seriously, what to do with them then? give them to my dogs??


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