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I never get tired of autumn leaves

When I was little I had a book (still do, it’s on the shelf in the girls’ room) called Unfortunately.  Only my copy had my very own name in it, and my hometown (Richardson, Texas) because I think the book club my parents got kids’ books from had a little thing where you could get a personalized copy.

The story is about the character — me in my head, but a little boy in the not-customized version — trying to get to a party, but things keep happening.  So it’s: Fortunately, Jeni was invited to a surprise party.  Unfortunately, the party was a thousand miles away.  Fortunately, a friend loaned Jeni an airplane.  Unfortunately, the motor exploded.  Sometimes I settle into that thought pattern as I go through my day and size up what’s happening.  Today was full of that, and I don’t know if that’s fortunate or not:

Fortunately, I woke up on time today.
Unfortunately, I forgot to make the kids’ lunches last night, and so I had to open up a can of tuna before the coffee was even ready to drink and that was just wrong and gross.
Fortunately, I have lots of coffee because SG brought me some so I would not run out.
Unfortunately, I accidentally bought vanilla flavored soy milk.
Fortunately, I had some left over real, actual, cream and I put some in my coffee.
There is no unfortunately to that.  It was really, really good.  Especially since I am not supposed to have dairy.
Unfortunately, the children didn’t want to get up today.
Fortunately, they finally did and I got them to school.
Unfortunately, they were about 90 seconds late.
Fortunately, that is close enough.
Unfortunately, once I finally got to work and settled in, the school nurse called because Sophie was barfing.
Fortunately, I can tell my employer that I need to work from home for the rest of the day, and while it’s not great, it’s not the end of the world (or my job).
Unfortunately, just thinking about having a kid with the stomach flu made me feel nauseated on the drive to get her and I was on a work call.
Fortunately, I didn’t throw up!
Unfortunately, we got home and settled and it was soon evident that Sophie wasn’t sick.  At least not anymore.
Fortunately, that means the rest of us won’t be ill.
Unfortunately, it meant that she ate nearly all the stuff for tomorrow’s lunches while she watched four movies in a row while I worked.
Fortunately, she will be the one with the boring lunch tomorrow, because I have leftover supper packed and ready to go for tomorrow.
Unfortunately, I have three other kids.
Fortunately, I got to take two of them to see the other’s wrestling match tonight, and he won!
Unfortunately, we walked in the door about thirty seconds after he pinned the other guy.
Fortunately, the match was over earlyish.
Unfortunately, my kids talk more than I do and so it took forever to leave because they were socializing in three different directions.
Fortunately, we got home and they loved their supper.
Unfortunately, I have no clue what to feed them tomorrow.
Fortunately, I am good on the fly.
Unfortunately, I am a little tired and off my game.
Fortunately, SG came over at about 9 after school to say hello before he went home to get some sleep. Fortunately, he liked supper, too.
Fortunately, he likes me, and fortunately, I like him, and fortunately, he and the kids are pretty crazy about one another, too.     

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