freshly pierced

  freshly pierced 
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Sophie has been begging to get her ears pierced ever since she realized that a few girls in her class were sporting tiny little dolphin or heart-shaped studs.  I made her clear it with her dad, and then gave her the green light.  This was around Easter sometime, and I finally made good on my promise yesterday.

I didn’t want to take her to the mall, where she’d get her ears pierced by a too-young kid with a piercing gun, so I called the body piercing studio where I had my nose pierced.  She wasn’t busy when we called, so we (Willow came along) headed over. 

I am SO GLAD we went to her. 

Instead of quickly putting two target dots on her ears and then doing the piercing, she carefully looked at each of Soph’s ears and pointed out to me just how (normally) differently shaped they are.   She put the dots in the right place, for each ear, telling me that instead of just making them totally even to each other, she’d put them in the best spot on each ear.   Then, she put a cork behind her earlobe and did the piercing by hand, using the jewelry. 

I was a little afraid that Sophie would be clinging to the ceiling after the first attempt, but not only did she not cry at all, she sat perfectly still.  Just before we left the house, I gently combed her hair, and she shrieked and writhed about.  I am so onto her now.

She is so happy with her tiny pink and green flowers.  I think I’d really rather she waited until she was a little older, but chances are I’ll always feel that way.  She does look really cute. 

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and have a kid who wants their ears pierced, this is the place to go.  True, you are going to pay twice or more than what you’ll be charged at the mall, but it’s worth it for the skill, care, and attention you’ll get. 

I’m thinking about going back and having her repierce my nose, but I can’t decide if I really want to.

4 thoughts on “freshly pierced

  1. tracey

    Ear piercing… Oh joy! I can’t wait till we get to deal with that. (Not the piercing so much, as making sure she can take care of her ears herself!) They do look really sweet!

  2. Candy

    We had to get my daughter’s ears pierced twice. The first time, she was around 12. She begged and begged, and I acquiesced. They put the first one in, and she screamed. Half an hour later, we got the second one done. Then she wouldn’t take them out, or turn them, or take care of them, and they got infected and she had to let them close up.

    At 13, we tried again. Success! It’s amazing what they’re ready for at such narrowly different milestones.

  3. jennifer ramos

    You are smart! Hey, how old is Sophie? I was trying to count candles on her birthday cake, but I only counted 5. That’s not right (right?). I’m going to be in the SF Bay area this weekend!! I should get something pierced. I’ll be there by myself!

  4. chris

    My daughter has been BEGGING to have her ears done. I had originally said when she was 10, just some arbitrary number I pulled out of my mama hat.

    But now she has been saying she really wants her her gramma to go with her. And gramma is like 85 yrs old so we should probably go sooner rather than later. Not that I am planning her funeral or anything, but you know.

    Also, I am giggling at the prospect of bringing my 85 yr old mil to a piercing and tattoo place. Oh the photo ops 😉


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