Glass Beach



They call it Glass Beach for a reason, but I was still surprised to see how much glass was mixed in with the rocks.  When I was a kid, my mom’s parents drove my brother and me from California to Texas and we stopped at a few national parks along the way.  Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest.  My grandmother and I *both* were expecting an actual forest at the petrified forest.  Like, I dunno, tall, standing trees that were petrified, I guess?  We both took one look at the rocks on the ground and were all WHAT?  This is NOT A FOREST!

Going to Glass Beach was the opposite of that.  I was thinking there would be a piece of glass here and there, and instead there was more glass than anything else.  I took a few pieces home with me (rulebreaker!).  It’s still all stuffed in the pocket of my warmest coat.

It’s a really lovely beach, even without the glass.


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